Wooden boards

Practical. Easy to work with. Durable

Wooden boards are 100% wood in sheet form which comes in varies wood species and thicknesses. They are widely used in interior and furniture design.

They are practical: wooden boards which come in varies thicknesses makes designing with wood easier as they come in large sheet sizes and can be used as easy as just sizing them as desired. They are supplied pre-sanded surfaces and require a final sanding before they are oiled, waxed or painted.

They are easy to work with: easy to cut, drill, screw and glue. Just a final sanding is required before painting.

They are durable: glued edges do not open up over time due to water or other factors; wooden boards’ surface hardness differ according to its wood species.

**Wooden boards are produced for interior use. They are suitable to be used as kitchen worktops; they are always advised to be waxed, varnished or covered with wood preservatives. They are no suitable for exterior use as they can not tolerate the climate outside which result in swelling, buckling or deformation.

Pine 900x2940mmxxxx
Pine 1220x2940mmxxx
Beech 1250x3500mmxx
Oak 1220x2440mmxxxx
Oak 600x2500mmx
Larch 1250x3500mmxx
BauBuche 680x3000mmxx
BauBuche 680x2250mmx
Alternative EN
Oak board
Pine board
Oak board
Larch board
Larch board
Pine board

Reference projects

Pine 900x2940mm12/16/18/25 mm
Pine 1220x2940mm18/30/40 mm
Beech 1250x3500mm18/30 mm
Oak 1220x2440mm18/25/30/40 mm
Oak 600x2500mm18 mm
Larch 1250x3500mm18/30 mm
BauBuche 680x3000mm20/35 mm
BauBuche 680x2250mm20 mm

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