Film faced plywood

Ideal for raw concrete designs!

Film faced plywood is widely used in construction industry in concrete forms.

Durability; can be re-used 15-20 times.

High water-resistance.

Comes with a smooth surface; makes high quality concrete surface.

Both sides covered with  resin-treated paper of 167gr/m2 which makes highly weather resistant.

Edges are sealed

Produced with WBP (water boil proof) glue.

All layers are birch and quality of panels are certified.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”][14px;align-center]size,[14px;align-center]thickness,[align-center]material|[align-center;12px]125x250cm,[align-center;12px]18mm,[align-center]birch[/vc_table]

Field of application

  • Construction
  • Raw concrete designs
  • Transport equipment container
  • Packaging/boxing