Veneered MDF

MDF covered with a wood layer. Veneered MDF enables you to enhance the value of your designs in a more economical way and with an easier application compared to solid wood. Wood veneer can come in both sides in A grade or A/B grade. Wood and wood veneered products are natural products where each piece is unique in shading, colour, grain and characteristics.

Wood veneered MDF is highly preferred and used in interior design of offices, houses, kitchens and many more. We keep a good stock of veneered MDF in variety of wood species and in different sizes, all A grade on both sides.

It is perfectly suitable for drilling, cutting and holds its form in any way it’s used but not suitable to be exposed to water. Our veneered MDF boards are unfinished; can be easily sanded and gives you the flexibility to use the finish of your own choice.

4x8x18mm (1220x2440x18mm)xxxx
4x10x18mm (1220x3050x18mm)xxxx
4x8x18mm (1220x2440x18mm)Sapelli/Pine/Oak/Beech
4x10x18mm (1220x3050x18mm)Sapelli/Pine/Oak/Beech

suitable for kitchen cabinets

easy application

easy to cut and drill

easy to sand

easy to fix using glues and screws

a grade quality; both veneer and MDF

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